A special communication between an individual and God takes place when a personal request is transmitted through sounds of music. Our Church soloists have the extraordinary privilege of magnifying and glorifying the Lamb through their vocal chords enriched with melody and harmony...All for the Glory and Honor of God...

"I praise Him because He is worthy of all Glory and Praise." - Evangelist Ashleen Contreras

"To praise the Creator gives me life because He is the Being that is worthy of all Honor and Glory." - Anointed Bernadette Coronado

"God's music expressed by His servants, with a truthful, sincere, and humble heart is powerful enough to break the heart, restore it, and fill it up with that peace that only Jesus can provide. Like I have said many times: 'Praise is my Fortitude'." - Deacon Miguel Ángel Suárez

"I live to praise God, because this is my language in which only He is able to understand. It is not the voice what God listens to, but the heart." - Anointed Kathy Magaña

"I sing to God because I feel like it's a very good way to praise and speak of Him." - Anointed Shadden Suárez