Pastoral Guidance

There comes a time when we need individual Spiritual counseling and guidance. Our pastors are here to provide such guidance. A lending ear, a line of advice, or a shoulder to lay our problems, our Pastors will help every individual according to their specific needs.

Besides Spiritual guidance our Pastors are on standby mode encouraging outreach efforts of the congregation and church community involvement. Pastor's responsibilities include but are not limited to preaching, worship, studying and applying Scriptures to everyday life.

In addition to these responsibilities our Pastors are role models leading our congregation to acts of compassion, justice, and mercy. They nurture the congregation for mission and ministry in the world as faithful Disciples of Christ.

Our Pastors are led by the Master Jesus Christ and his Spirit. They tend to their fold with love and wisdom that comes not from human knowledge but from wisdom that comes from above.


Family Orientation

We are living in a world where "...iniquity shall abound..." Mt. 24:12. Everyday in the world around us we see family members against each other, rocketing divorce rates, and dysfunctional families on the rise. As a result the family circle has been broken as a consequence of the estranged relationship between G-d and men.

According to an article provided by The New York Times, "41% of marriages" end up in divorce, stating this fact in a sarcastic consolation of the popular 9% over that others confirm. Those other research and statistics polls have more startling and alarming revelations, that 50% of marriages end up in divorce in the United States alone, in other words one in two marriages. As a result, the family foundation that was once before has been deteriorated and destroyed by indifference and oblivion towards G-d on men's part.

Our Family Orientation Program consist in counseling, advising, and providing moral support to family members in crisis. We will provide crucial and important information and assistance to aid families in the process of healing, while at the same time they will be directed towards the Head of Household: Our Father in Heaven.

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Youth/Preparatory School

-Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil come not; nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them. Ecclesiastes 12:1.

One of the most precious times in the lives of a human being is the Age of Youth. It is in this time where humans transition from childhood to adulthood. Thus we consider a youth dedicating entirely his/her life to the cause of the Lord in high regard and esteem.

The individuals that make up the Youth of our Church come from different backgrounds and personalities. Many of our Youth are children of our own Missionaries. Others have come to the path of the Lord along with their parents in the search of a new and better life. In addition, there are also those who have come on their own with physical or psychological problems and have found refugee in the arms of the Father. Regardless of the circumstance, they all make-up an indispensable part of our Church structure. We offer a diversity of activities aimed in focusing our Youth in Christ. Some will directly start their careers as Missionaries by preaching, evangelizing in foreign countries, or in the collection of donations sector, helping spread the Word of G-d.


Others, will engage in the Preparatory School for Disciples located at our World Headquarters in Covina, California. Students will immerse in various activities such as attending everyday devotionals, praying, fasting and learning profound Scripture interpretation. At the end of the quarter program each student is expected to have the skills that meet all the qualifications to become a Missionary. Prospective students are selected and recommended by our Church Administration. The program is given twice a year and taught by the most skilled and qualified on Biblical Scriptures. At the end of the program, students graduate and are given their diplomas in a beautiful reception at our Church Hall.

Whichever career pathway they choose, our Youth are the Pioneers of the Church of Tomorrow's Future...