The Power of Prayer

Prayer is a solemn petition directed at the Supreme Being; a plea; it is a portion that specifies the request or desire.

Prayer based on the Word of God is the only defense that man can rely on and use to wound the invisible adversary.

Prayer is the primary encouragement for Christians.

Prayer is a dialogue not a monologue.

Prayer is the encounter between two spirits, the I, and the I Am, it is where the change of thought, words, life, and love, take place.

Prayer is faith speaking to God.

Prayer is the airplane that ascends to our needs and descends bringing forth overabundance.

Prayer is our refugee in tribulations.

Prayer is the cable that sounds the celestial bell.

Prayer is the terrain over which we hold our relationship with God.

Prayer is the key that opens God's treasure.

Prayer is what opens up our eyes to light and provides us with spiritual eyesight.

Prayer connects our ears with sound-waves that bring forth the voice of God.

Prayer opens our minds to the Truth, giving us knowledge and wisdom.

Prayer is to open our hearts to God making eternal life possible.

Prayer is the ground in which we reach out to victory.

THE POWER OF PRAYER and its response depend on repentance--to loathe and reject sin of forgiveness restitution is due to the employment of Jesus name.

When we do everything in His name, then we may employ everything in His name.

The power of His name over our lives will be the power that our prayers will have.

(Reunite daily with me at 6 and 9 a.m., and 12, 3, 6, and 9 p.m., in special prayer interceding in spirit for an awakening and Spiritual revival of the Church of God and let the work of God be firmly established and manifested.)

Employ your time in becoming more Holy!

-Bishop Daddy John

Taken from "El Mensajero de los Postreros Días" Havana, Cuba October 1940 Year II, No. II


Sanidad Divina

Margoth Gonzalez

Super Deaconess-Founder

My name is Margoth Gonzalez, a woman who is a faithful believer in the prayer. Thanks to the mercy of the Almighty God I have been an instrument in divine healing letting me be an arrow in the hands of God and I have witnessed his miracles through prayer. But on a certain occasion affliction arrived to my life in the form of a disease called Cancer. In the eyes of my loved ones and the entire Church everything it seemed that my disease was extremely dangerous. Time was not on my side as she moved quickly causing me great pain. Doctors worried about the size and severity and quickly advised me to be hospitalized and put me in their hands to be operated and then be submitted to the painful chemotherapy. The only thing I thought at the time was that they would not be my doctors, but my Creator. So I went to him and asked him, pouring my heart out, that everything be according to his will. I saw his glory during my prayer and at that moment I knew everything would be fine, because the Lord manifested himself to me greatly. I was hospitalized the following week and the doctors were amazed and could not believe what they found, the size of my cancer had been reduced to a small size. Thanks to my God I left the operating room with great tranquility in my heart and with certainty that I would not need chemotherapy, because I was healed through the power of prayer until today. Great is my God and all his power, always trust in Him and He will do as He will. Because I, Margoth Gonzalez, witnessed the Power of Prayer.

Ismael Perez

Superintendent, Head of the Northern California Campaign

Honoring the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and faithfully believing that faith CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS...

In the early morning of November 27, 1990, on a trip back from a Reunion of Anointed in the city of Bell Gardens, California and after just being promoted to the rank of Supervisor, I, Ismael Pérez, Official of this Church, testify...

Just before arriving to our place of residence in San Jose, California, we had a disastrous vehicle accident. Our little infant girl, Chantelle Mercey Peréz lost her life, while my wife, Elvira Peréz in critical state, suffered from a C1 fracture in her Spinal Cord, in addition to multiple fractures throughout her body. The medical diagnosis stated that my wife would never walk again.

In spite of the medical results, God wanting to comfort our affliction and grief due to the loss of our child and the horrid of the accident, gave us solace in this dreadful time. The Apostle Rolando G. Washington, along with the holy men and women of His beloved Church, prayed for Diving Healing...

We experienced the miracle of God when He in His mercy reverted Men and Science diagnosis...Not long after, my wife took her first steps for the Glory and Honor of God.

Patricia Salmeron


I, Patricia Salmeron, Deaconess of the Missionary Church of the Disciples of Jesus Christ, want to testify:

In 1992, I suffered an unfortunate accident in a city bus. As a consequence of this accident I suffered a deviation in my spine and dislocation of several disks. I want to testify and certify that G-d used the Apostle Rolando G. Washington to heal my affliction through Divine Healing.

I could no longer move and had many sleepless nights of pain. On March 12 of that same year, in His infinite mercy using the Apostle Rolando G. Washington said to unto me: "Get up and walk in the name of Christ." I stood up and began to walk. For this and all his blessings may He receive all the Glory.

Edilson Pereira

Major Supervisor, Special Ambassador for Brazil

I was praying in the temple of the anointed and had a vision. I saw a big eye and through this eye were born small eyes and the small eyes were transforming into wings, and heard a voice saying to me: “This eye is the angel guarding my Church”. Then I saw another vision, it was a church shining like a white cloud, and heard a voice saying to me, “this church is my Church without spot”. Then I saw a third vision, it was a character carrying a cross and heard a voice saying to me, “this cross I carried to forgive all, and as I forgive, forgive each other”. May God receive honor and glory.