Our Effort

Being a Christian is to be like Christ.

Trusting in Christ as a disciple of Christ.

Having faith in Jesus Christ.

Having the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit and fire.

Being the fruits of the Spirit of Christ.

Love Christ, by obedience to the words of Jesus Christ.

Doing the work of Christ as a believer in Christ.

Living in Christ, live the commandments of Jesus Christ.

Preaching Christ: the doctrine of Christ.

Living by faith in Christ as a faithful disciple of Christ.

Overcome the world, in order to remain in Christ.

Sanctified for the work of Christ, full of the divine nature of Christ.

Holy, sinless, sealed and saved for the glory of Christ.

The supreme effort is to win souls, Disciples for Christ,

Jesus Christ: our all in all!

-Apostle Daddy John