Do you always know where the Lord is?

November 19, 2001
Missionary Church of the Disciples of Jesus Christ
Central Office
Apostle Roland G. Washington

Through our history, the Lord has manifested Himself in many ways that we sometimes do not believe it is Him. Our inability and lack of understanding of the divine language causes us to ignore where the Lord is and to judge wrongly in a credible way for one who does not know where the Lord is, example: As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so the son of man will be lifted up. As in the rock of Horeb that spilled water, the Lord was also there.

In the different manifestations that the Lord does, although they are different, He is there, and sometimes they are hidden from the eyes of man. God is everywhere at all times in different ways and allowing things to happen, that if his presence is not there, it is his will for something that we have to learn, for lack of understanding in these things we fail and we do not realize sometimes where the Lord is, how he has manifested himself and in what way his will is being fulfilled. And some, for lack of understanding in these things, can even get scandalized. Then, do you always know where the Lord is? When you do not understand, pray to God to help you accept things by faith.

We do not have the right to understand everything, perhaps because of a tribulation you are experiencing the Lord is there and you do not realize it or know it, perhaps it is something that you have to renounce, that you love a lot and that it has become a sin of idolatry and the Lord is teaching you something hard and you do not realize it and you can be scandalized, that is why I repeat to you,

Do you know where the Lord is?