Loyalty: The Greatest Fruit of Faith

November 19, 2001
Missionary Church of the Disciples of Jesus Christ
Central Office
Apostle Roland G. Washington

Feeling of love that does not allow us to speak badly or hurt another and less even to a brother. What makes us defend, accepting even what we do not understand.

Feeling of humility that places one next to Jesus Christ, in such a way that he does not think that he is perfect, that he can, but that he accepts the will of God without murmuring. He keeps the problems in his heart and presents them to God, trusting and recognizing that he is not the one who can solve them, but that God is the one who will solve them.

The loyal at all times seeks God, in time of prosperity and in time of affliction, does not change his feeling, does not think badly, does not do evil, wins good over evil. That the evil does not last, but that it be destroyed.

Think, are you loyal to your brother?