With over 70 voices singing in the most profound sentiment to the Lord, our King's Singers International Choir praises and worships the One and Only King of the Universe...here are some of their thoughts...

"To Praise Him is a Spiritual delight that lifts me up to feel His presence. My soul does not tire to praise Him for His love and mercy. May God receive All the honor and glory." -Super Deaconess Afra Mancilla

"Praising is my expression of gratitude to the Lord. My gratitude for all the blessings and His grace. May my song honor His Majesty for His greatness!" -Preacher Vania Mejia

"To Worship Him is like a prayer. Sometimes in prayer I do not have the words to express myself to the Lord. However, when I praise him through a song, I notice that my heart opens up more easily to Him." -Anointed Yolanda Martinez

"I take delight in praising God, because it is something special when God manifests himself in me when singing in praise." -Super Evangelist María Contreras

"I praise God, for His majesty and mercies." -Super Evangelist Nadia Suárez