Pray for the People of Venezuela

Once again, it seems as if the Cold War has not ended ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1991. The sociopolitical battle between Socialism and Capitalism is alive and well as seen in the Venezuelan situation. This is not to say that the forces within Venezuela itself is a struggle between Socialism and Capitalism. Surely, from afar it looks like a battle between Maduro, ambassador of Socialism, and Guaido, ambassador of Capitalism. Yet, Guaido’s movement is rooted in the belief that it is time for a political change, to savor something different from what has been. Maduro’s movement is rooted in the belief that change will bring about uncertainties, and he is not far from the truth. Not exactly a battle of two political ideologies as much as it is a battle to win over the hearts and minds of the people of Venezuela. Surely, Maduro, according to the images being churned out of the state media, seems to have surrounded himself with pure military, as if the entire country was the military. Guaido on the other hand, looks more and more like a rebel fugitive jumping from city to city evading the prying eyes of the secret police. The question now is, which political movement is the appropriate one to save the country from breaking apart and placing the people further in a dire situation? The answer is more complicated than simply shouting off a name.

But enough with politics. Either the winner be Maduro or Guaido in this seemingly endless battle, both need to prove how much they love the people and how willing they are in going the extra mile in helping the populace. Even if Guaido wins, we cannot suppose he is going to fix the country in a matter of days or months. In the United States, many citizens were placing their faith that Obama would fix everything in a matter of months. However, many things took time to fix, if at all, and some things never even got to be realized, like his promise of creating a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. Now this is the struggle of the leader of the free world. Maduro, with no real opposition to his enacted policies, still fails to see any real proven results. Venezuela is practically in a state of ruin after being one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America. The system failed the people, but the same could be said of Guaido if he doesn’t show results if he assumes the presidency. In the end, no one will be happy with either governing. Complaints over here, complaints over there, complaints everywhere, leaving the people at the mercy of political forces that sometimes seem detached from the general populace.

There is one all-mighty being, however, that controls everything. The Bible notes that God raises leaders and kings and places them where they should be. It also notes that we should pray for our leaders as well. You might think, “Well, that’s just a waste of time.” Call it a waste of time or what not, but at the end of the day it is God who gives the final word in practically all matters. A leaf does not move without the will of God. Therefore, entrust your thoughts with him and have confidence that everything will fall into place. Something that is malign does not last forever.

Our thoughts and prayers for the people of Venezuela.