Memorial Day is celebrated every 27th of May, although it was celebrated every May 30th until 1971, in the United States. This day is a holiday instituted by the federal government to honor and celebrate those war heroes who have given their lives for the freedom of the country. From the battlefields of Virginia to the fields of Europe, American soldiers have fought bravely to secure peace and a haven for democracy. Whether it be called the Continental Army in the 1700’s or the U.S. Army presently, no doubt these men and women have risked or given their lives with great courage.

Memorial Day goes far beyond remembering our war heroes. The word Memorial exhibits further ramifications to include our family members, our loved ones, our friends. Remembering our human counterparts surely brings warmth to our lives. It brings joy, a sense of nostalgia that sometimes it is hard to let go of in the moment in which it presents itself. Memorializing those moments we have in our minds and cherishing them is part of what makes us human, what makes us not machines or objects with robotic functions, but unique organisms in this universe. As a result, we must never forget The Almighty in the Heavens. The Holy Bible always places an emphasis on remembering the one who created us. For those who have lost a parent, remembering them and keeping them alive through constant memory is important. May our same love we give to our parents be also transferred to our Father. He that has given us the spirit of Life and the ability to love and think beyond the confines of ourselves deserves our memory as well. Every day, we must make it our goal to give him remembrance and give thanks for breathing. As 1 Peter 5:7 states, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

This Memorial Day, let us also remember the goodness that God has brought upon our lives.