Hospital Visits

The best of doctors and Primary Care Physician is our Lord Jesus Christ...Our Hospital team of ministers and volunteers tend to the needs of those that are sick and hurting. We share His salvation, comfort, and healing through His Word and love for them. We not only visit sick members of the congregation and their families, but we also bring compassion and encouragement to anyone that requests and believes in the miracles of Divine Healing.

We have heard endless testimonies by people that have had the privilege of experiencing the power of Divine Healing. Lives are touched everyday when at the touch of His hands a person finds his pain mitigated, thus finding a soothing sense of relief.


Prison Visits

Our Prison Visitation is a special ministry of Missionary Volunteers that take His Word to those that have been impacted by incarceration. We believe that by providing Prison Residents and their Families the opportunity to receive God's forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ, they will deepen their Christian faith and build a relationship with the Lord. As a result, they will find internal and Spiritual freedom from the bonds of sin.

Our Prison Visitation Ministry is open to any Prison Resident/Family Member that petitions such visits. Feel free to contact us if you or a family member who is experiencing such crisis and we will gladly arrange visitation to the site.


Food Distribution Program

Our food distribution program is one of our most successful outreach programs for the community. Although, the program varies mission from mission, it is a well established program carried out according to the vision of our California founder the Apostle Rolando G. Washington.

One of the leading programs is operated by our mission in the city of Bell Gardens, California. Every 1st Wednesday of every month, hundreds of individuals and entire families are fed both physically and spiritually. The community is first invited to a special service. Throughout the service, individuals listen to special hymns of praise and His Word given by a servant of G-d. Finally, after the service, individuals and families are provided with bags of food, depending on the family size.

Furthermore, programs such as this continue to be a success thanks to YOUR HELP made through YOUR DONATIONS. God willing, we will continue in this work of charity and love by helping the most in need.


Disaster Relief Program

On September 11, 2001 an event of unimaginable disaster took place. Terrorist targeted commercial airplanes and used them as missiles against thousands of innocent people. Many lives were lost that day, but the spirit from the community was kept alive. Many religious and non-religious organization took arms and helped those in need. Our Disaster Relief Program said "Present" in this time of trouble. A convoy of dozens of vehicles carrying provisions, from blankets to food, made their way from Covina, California to the city of New York to assist firefighters, policemen, and ground-zero workers.

From September 11 to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, to the Raging Fires in San Diego, California, our Disaster Relief Team are always ready and prepared to respond by helping with relief efforts when needed.


Toys For Joy

During the Holidays, hundreds of toys are distributed every year. Underprivileged children's faces light up when they receive the gift of a toy. Parents that do not have sufficient resources benefit with this program. Our volunteer missionaries join in the Spirit of Giving by handing out toys bringing hope and joy to a child in need...