The House Of My Father

The Apostle Rolando G. Washington, his wife Margoth Gonzalez and four children laid the foundation to what My Father's House is today...

Five years after arriving to California without winning one single soul, Gonzalez and his family were in the verge of giving up and looking at the prospect of leaving California for good. One evening on an Hour Devotional, the Lord visited Gonzalez with a testimony that many souls would be won for His cause. They stayed and the Lord began bringing many souls, therefore, the Church began to grow gradually.

It was not an easy task, many difficulties and sacrifices were made. Sleeping in the floor, food shortages, and lack of material resources were one of the many sacrifices that the Gonzalez family had to go through. Nevertheless, their efforts were not made in vain.

When the Lord began to prosper their work in California, G-d gave Gonzalez the desire to open up a rehabilitation center to help the youth with drug and alcohol addictions. The first one opened up its doors in the early 80's in the city of Bell Gardens, California. Others then followed within the United States and foreign countries.

In addition, Gonzalez and his wife began helping the poor and disadvantaged by preparing and taking food to downtown Los Angeles. As a result, thousands have been helped through this medium filled with many blessings. The Lord then provided Gonzalez to what was to be the Rehabilitation Center's name:

My Father's House

and the Motto:

"When we feel love, we will do the complete work."


Coping with Drugs and Addiction

Overcoming and staying drug-free requires great effort. For any family trying to live with a family member with such problem, or for the drug addict himself it can be extremely devastating. When dealing with this problem there is no such thing as a simple solution or an easy way out. It is a situation that should be confronted with patience and compassion. For the drug addict it is a problem that should be dealt by first having the will of wanting to subdue the addiction and then eventually take action.

Coping can be made less difficult when not only there is moral support, but also spiritual support. Having the Supreme Being that knows what's on our minds and hearts and that in the most difficult of moments, if invited, will attend our side without hesitation; makes coping with Drug and Addiction a much easier task.

Our most experience missionaries and pastors that have dealt numerous times in this field will emphatically help throughout the coping process. We have experience countless stories of success of complete change and transformation. Many that have face this problem in the past, have become faithful servants of the Lord. In the end, it is never impossible to change, because what is impossible for men, it is possible for God.